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Minutes – 07/08/2017


  1. Call to Order: President Terri Moore called the meeting to order at 13:56 at the location of Dreamland BBQ in Tuscaloosa, AL. Officers present included President Terri Moore, Treasurer David Sweeney, and Secretary Austin Sweeney. Other club members present and in good standing were; Jason Katkoski, Callan Katkoski, Michael Wesp, Seth Kehlenbeck, Caroline Guidry, Allyson Sweeney, Hannah Sweeney, Luke Sweeney, and Mattie Claire Sweeney.
  2. Old Business:a. Reading of the Minutes: This being the first official Board meeting after the formation of the corporation, no minutes were read, as no minutes were kept. b. IRS Incorporation Status: Treasurer Sweeney confirmed that the state incorporation paperwork was complete. He has been working on federal IRS 501(c)(7) incorporation paperwork and made a motion that the Board approve the filing of this paperwork to officially register NWES as a non-profit entity for tax purposes. This will allow the club to accept donations of money and equipment to fulfill the club’s purposes while giving members the ability to record these donations as charitable. It would also give us a tax-exempt status for some period of time, which could be useful.  MOTION: Treasurer Sweeney moved that the club approve submittal of IRS 501(c)(7) paperwork along with the necessary filing fee of $400 at the earliest opportunity. He further moved that if there were not sufficient funds in the club’s bank account to cover these fees, he would provide the difference to be reimbursed at a later time when the club had the funds. SECONDED by Austin Sweeney. MOTION CARRIED
  3. New Business:a. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Sweeney reported that with most expenses recorded, the club would be under-budget by a significant amount for the AT2017 trip. His estimate is noted here:
Category Actual Budget Difference
Trip Income $ 4,965.50 $ 4,965.50 $            –  
Trip Expenses $ 4,130.58 $ 4,641.89 $  511.31
Trip Expenses:Consumables $       79.90 $       79.90 $            –  
Trip Expenses:Contingency $              –   $    250.00 $  250.00
Trip Expenses:Crew Dinner $    270.00 $    250.00 $   (20.00)
Trip Expenses:Food $ 1,318.05 $ 1,299.91 $   (18.14)
Trip Expenses:Fuel $    630.55 $    621.00 $     (9.55)
Trip Expenses:Lodging $ 1,078.00 $ 1,387.00 $  309.00
Trip Expenses:Permits $    320.00 $    320.00 $            –  
Trip Expenses:Shirts $    224.08 $    224.08 $            –  
Trip Expenses:Shuttle Service $       90.00 $    110.00 $     20.00
Trip Expenses:Vehicle Maintenance $    120.00 $    100.00 $   (20.00)
Other Trip Expenses $              –   $              –   $            –  
Net Difference: $    834.92 $    323.61 $  511.31

b. AT2017 Trip Report: President Moore asked for feedback on the AT2017 trip.  A brief discussion ensued, owing to the excellent food and beer present.

c. Excess Food Dispensation: President Moore asked for feedback on how to dispense excess food from the trip.
d. New Officer Elections: Since we did not have a March meeting this year, as specified in the club bylaws, nominations and elections were conducted at this meeting. The following members in good standing were nominated by the floor:

President: Jason Katkoski
Treasurer: David Sweeney
Secretary: Austin Sweeney

President Moore called for approval of the slate of officers. A voice vote was taken and the slate accepted.  A vote, which was duly taken with the nominees out of the room. New officers were confirmed with their terms to begin January 2, 2018.

e. Jason Katkoski proposed that there be a new executive position in the form of a quartermaster.  Quartermaster’s duties would consist of 1) Making crew gear inventory list 2) Helping crew members find gear 3) Keeping track of crew gear 4) Buying new crew gear when necessary 5) Any other crew-gear related activities.

President Terri Moore nominated Member Luke Sweeney to be the crew Quartermaster, motion was seconded by Austin Sweeney. MOTION CARRIED

4. There being no other new business before the club, President Moore closed the meeting at 14:10 on this day, July 8, 2017 in the city of Tuscaloosa, AL. Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for March 2018.


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