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This page details the roles and responsibilities of a hiking crew. They reflect our philosophical approach to hike planning, and may differ in other situations. We believe that the fun of hiking starts with the plan. Just as all hike the trail, all should participate in the planning process.

Hiking crews consist of six to ten hikers with an optimum number of eight. Crews that are larger than this tend to create issues in the planning and execution of hikes. Smaller crews struggle to manage when the unexpected happens. For example, if a crew member is hurt and must be removed from the trail, smaller crews may have difficulty with this.

Crew Leader

The Crew Leader is responsible for organizing the crew, assigning duties, making decisions and recognizing the capabilities and limitations of each member. He or she leads by example and discusses ideas and alternatives with the entire crew to arrive at a consensus before taking action. This responsibility requires someone with leadership ability who is respected by everyone. The Crew Leader is responsible for crew decisions while on the trail. He or she is also responsible for the safety and security of the crew during the hike.


The Wrangler is responsible for making sure all crew members are outfitted appropriately. This includes helping new crew members to find or borrow equipment. The Wrangler is also responsible for acquiring crew gear and assigning crew members to carry it.


The Itinerary Officer is responsible for planning the route, schedule, stops, and resupplies of the crew while on the trail. The Itinerary Officer works closely with the Crew Leader and Logistics Officer to plan the itinerary that allows for the differing skill levels of the crew and generally provides an exciting and enjoyable experience.


The Crew Logistics Officer is responsible for planning transportation and lodging to and from the trail. This includes defining a budget using the club’s Trek Planning Sheet (TPS). This sheet provides a standardized method of keeping track of logistics and budget information for the crew. Maintaining an accurate version of the TPS also falls to this crew member.


The Menu Officer is responsible for planning the crew’s menu, shopping for food, and organizing the packing and distribution of food among the crew. The Menu Officer works closely with the Crew Leader, Logistics Officer, and Treasurer to effectively plan the menu. The TPS is a good method for planning the menu, calculating weights and calories, and estimating expenses.


The Safety Officer is responsible for the physical health and wellbeing of the crew while on the trail. This officer generally has medical training and may carry the crew’s medical supplies. The Safety Officer is responsible for collecting current medical forms and insurance information for all crew members prior to the hike. The Safety Officer is also responsible for weather reports prior and during the hike.


The Guia is responsible for the crew’s emotional and spiritual well-being. The Guia addresses this through fellowship events such as campfires, songs, and meditations during the hike. The Guia also organizes two other events for each hike; a conservation project for the crew to complete during the itinerary, and a crew dinner at the conclusion of the hike.